’’Greetings my friend! You have an interest in the stories this land has to tell?

Ahhh, then let me tell you a tale of Jokaryn and its people. About the astounding inventions of the Rivenland Dwarves, or the tempestuous waters of the StormCliffs? Maybe about the many races of this wondrous peninsula who have long lived their lives away from the troubles that plague the mainland?

Or maybe you are the type to hear of ancient workings that have begun to stir? Ah yes, I see the glimmer in your eye friend!
Then sit down and let me tell you of strange devices of long ago, and of events set in motion during those tumultuous times that stir once more.

Of course the real the question, for this tale has not yet been woven my friend, is if there will be heroes enough to rise to the call and save Jokaryn again? Who will answer then?

Perhaps you will hear her call? Perhaps…’’

Saladin Salazar

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