The Apparatus of Jokaryn

Just arrived at Sanafal #lit #sickburn

Seriously though, everything is on fire.

- The Occasional Journal Of Bariqut, Entry 69.1

The butt-plug was super effective! Arthur fainted!
Arthur then proceeded to give us a history lesson (and an irrelevant but interesting geography lesson) and elaborate upon the origins of the Azure Seekers and the Necromancer Valashk.
Long story short, Valashk was a super powerful arsehole necromancer who was able to kill gods. The moon goddess, Ilyssia, gave her power to Zavala in the hope that she’d share the power with other heroes who would then team up and defeat someone who had already killed multiple gods. It worked. They called themselves the Azure Seekers.
The Seekers stuck around afterwards to guard Zavala’s apparatus (apparatuses? apparati? probably just apparatus) from those who would misuse them and also because Zavala made a prophesy saying that they would be needed again.

Arthur told us that in order to find the Seekers we should find the Nightingale. Or Sparrow. Arthur got a bit confused at this point and couldn’t remember which bird this this person was named after so it might even be a fucking Flamingo.
Whatever bird it was, we have to find this Flamingo in order to find the Seekers. Unfortunately Arthur wasn’t sure about how to find the Flamingo.

We decided (roughly) on the following plan (subject to change because we like to be unpredictable).
We will go to Sanafal and investigate the apparatus beneath the Library of Burning Knowledge. Assuming it is another portal, we will use it to travel to Asmund’s portal on the floating Isle. We will then travel back to Al Qutt for a quick shopping trip before heading to the Bone Wastes. At some point during these travels we will probably look at some Seeker-themed furniture at the hub portal.
As with every plan we make, we immediately came across an unforeseen problem.
Sanafal is on fire and is under attack from a burning legion. Wow.
We are currently fighting some re-animated ashy corpses led by a large horny creature with grabby hands who is, at this very moment, violently using Guts. He is also using Guts as a weapon to hit Asmund in the face.

Looks like it’s going to be one of those days…



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