The Apparatus of Jokaryn


Meanwhile at the Octopus and Firkin.

The ex slaves managed to find their way back to the town on Al-Qutt.

Weary and tired they stumbled to Saladin’s shop and briefly explained what had happened.
Saladin, for the first time looked visibly worried when he learnt that Bashir was meddling in the dark arts of necromancy.

The gang went to their accommodation and cleaned up and got ready for a night at the Octopus and firkin with Saladin.

Guts and Euron seemed very excited about this yet Sir Clarence was optimistic about his chances of staying sober.
Yenben had never touched a drop of alcohol in his short cloistered life.

The night went well, the drinks were flowing and the elephont tasted amazing.

Euron regaled the sailors with song. Guts told stories of bravery and honour and someone called rock fist.
Sir Clarence drank all the drinkers under the table. A feat his camel would have been proud of.
Yenben tried to perform acrobatic tricks but just couldn’t think straight and he was not sure why however he was getting inspiration for his new style of unarmed fighting.

When the group had recovered the next day they did some deals, made some orders and met with the rebel alliance high command.

The high command needed time to deliberate their next move and in the meantime our heroes decided to help out around the island.

They trudged to the desert and found a dead goat…………



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