Nala Waverider

The eccentric but powerful High priestess of Dakri


The Goliath High Priestess of Dakri.

Nala Waverider is often seen by those new in town as eccentric, perhaps even ditzy. However, none can deny her power, as evidenced by her rapid rise through the ranks to High Priestess at a mere 30 years of age. Now in her mid-40’s, Nala is a strong independent Goliath who don’t take no crap of nobody, but still harbors a softer side, and those she see’s as friends of herself and the goddess Dakri have surely made a strong ally for life.

Nala is married to Captain Otrick Waverider, as Dakri believes that all mortals should be able to find shelter from the storms in the arms of their loved ones. As such, unlike may priesthoods, the priestesses of Dakri need not remain Chaste.

Nala Waverider

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