The Apparatus of Jokaryn

Meanwhile at the Octopus and Firkin.

The ex slaves managed to find their way back to the town on Al-Qutt.

Weary and tired they stumbled to Saladin’s shop and briefly explained what had happened.
Saladin, for the first time looked visibly worried when he learnt that Bashir was meddling in the dark arts of necromancy.

The gang went to their accommodation and cleaned up and got ready for a night at the Octopus and firkin with Saladin.

Guts and Euron seemed very excited about this yet Sir Clarence was optimistic about his chances of staying sober.
Yenben had never touched a drop of alcohol in his short cloistered life.

The night went well, the drinks were flowing and the elephont tasted amazing.

Euron regaled the sailors with song. Guts told stories of bravery and honour and someone called rock fist.
Sir Clarence drank all the drinkers under the table. A feat his camel would have been proud of.
Yenben tried to perform acrobatic tricks but just couldn’t think straight and he was not sure why however he was getting inspiration for his new style of unarmed fighting.

When the group had recovered the next day they did some deals, made some orders and met with the rebel alliance high command.

The high command needed time to deliberate their next move and in the meantime our heroes decided to help out around the island.

They trudged to the desert and found a dead goat…………

The Island................The Mansion................The Rod
The dangers of Undead and inanimate objects.

The group of adventurers head off across the sea to the island of the mansion with the sun setting in the sky, the stars started to twinkle one by one in to the night sky. Still warm but a nice breeze blowing across the deck who knew what was to lie ahead.

The merchant ship arrived at the island in the early hours of the first day, the group knew the Mage was going to be away for three nights. The first night they had travelled to the island there was only two nights left. Time was not on their side.

There were six brave adventurers who sailed to the island. Euron the blue Dragonborn who was strong with the power of Dakri, Guts the mighty Barbarian who relied on his strength and the power of his faith in Krom, Sir Clarence the hafling paladin whose prowess on his camel was legendary in these parts, Aris the Warlock with the octopus, Orion the Dragonborn Paladin as brave as they come and Brotha Yenben the Monk from the land of endless teeth who relied on his bare fists and his quarterstaff.

The group managed to get to the beach to find a ring of forest around the mansion they were trying to get to, Yenben scouted ahead to find gruesome unholy creatures, he described them to Sir Clarence and found out these were zombies of various races.

The plan hatched was to set fire to a section of the forest to attract the creatures so the gang could get through………it worked and they ended up at the mansion.

There was a cellar door at the back of the mansion that the group tried to use to get in however the doors turned in to a hideous monster with a massive mouth full of teeth and a purple tongue. Aris was stuck to the monster and Yenben was trying to help him let go. Euron, Sir Clarence, Orion and Guts attacked the foul beast and managed to kill it only to reveal no door, only grass and the mansion wall.

They made their way to the main door and Aris and his octopus dispelled any magic trap on the entrance and they tentatively tiptoed in to the main corridor. Throughout the next day and a half the gang fought mighty beasts such as rugs, flying swords, empty suits of armour, zombie thumb, books and a tricksy but sturdy wooden desk.

After they had been saved from the living spell book by Guts the Frog and Euron had finished wandering around outside looking out to the sea it was time to delve deeper in to the bowels of the mansion. The slaves crept down the stairs to find a door to the left and doors in front. They had a look down the corridor in front and eventually found a room with more suits of armour however for now they were staying inanimate. They went back and left that room for later.

Taking the other set of doors they came across a small room with two cages, one with various body parts and gore and the other one with creatures huddled at the back. They were not sure what they were. After failing to open the small wooden door Sir Clarence pointed out that the creatures in the cage were undead. Guts decided to burn them by dowsing them with oil and setting fire to it. This startled the creatures in to life and they charged at the group opened the door to the cage and attacked. They were humanoid but running around on all fours with vile tongues and sharp teeth.

The fight was fierce and the creatures attacks left Guts and Euron paralysed with Sir Clarence on the verge of death. Up stepped Brotha Yenben with his quarterstaff, fists of fury, elbows of energy, feet of fire and knees of knobbliness. WHAM the staff broke the first creatures face off. BAM his elbows crushed the next. KABAM his knees wiped away the third and BOOOOM his feet destroyed the last creature.

After some more rest and rehabilitation they made their way through the small door and ended up in a large room that they ended up realising it was the room that reanimated the dead. Another fight ensued. This time Guts was up against a massive creature that looked like it was put together from other human body parts. Yenben and Sir Clarence took on some human size zombies. Euron attacked the apparatus and had the idea that we needed to fight out side of this room.
This plan proved fruitful because the abomination was being cured by staying in the room with the flying lightening.

Again the group needed a rest. They made their way to the room with the suits of armour. The solid stone doorway at one end turned out to be a secret door that eventually let them through after a brief puzzle. What lay behind was bizarre. There was wall after wall going down a long corridor. Each wall was coloured differently ROY G BIV. Gradually the group figured out how to get through the walls and ended up in a room with a pedestal and a raised dais with a large ring stood at a jaunty angle.

After Euron, Guts and Sir Clarence had finished having visions the Halfling decided to take the rod from the cushion atop the pedestal. As he lifted the rod the gang were attacked by their own shadows, a creepy affair but relatively straight forward to dispatch even though Guts and Yenben became physically weaker.

On closer inspection the dais had an empty round insert at under the ring. The only choice left was to go back to a door that was not examined back where the armour was.

In this bedroom there was a chest and in the chest was a globe that looked like it could fit the socket on the dais. After Sir Clarence had finished defecating on the bed they made their way back to the room only to find in the armour room, Bashir standing across form them cursing them. Yenben threw his glass jar to his feet, it smashed and the vapour rose up and the Mage suddenly could not stop laughing which gave the group a few vital seconds to run in to the ring room. The globe was inserted under the ring and the gang managed to some how navigate through the spinning ring and were transported hundreds of miles away just in time as the evil wizard was casting a powerful spell to try and stop them.
Guts managed to grab the globe to shut the gate behind them with milliseconds to spare.

The gang were safe, they were many miles away, however the adventure had only just begun……………………………………………………………

Slaves of Jokaryn (Now free men(or are we?..))

Our adventurers found themselves slaves of the powerful Khalif of the archipelago.

Through cunning and brute force they managed to escape and end up in the safe sanctuary of Saladin’s shop, after defeating a powerful sorceress.

The group managed to get passage to a small island and were welcomed and treated themselves to some comforts before deciding to offer their services to help the rebellion against the powerful rulers.

Their first mission was to travel to the island of mystery to find a magic rod and take it away from a very powerful Mage called Bashir.

The story continues………………………

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