The Eladrin are a mysterious race who dwell within the feywild, a plane that exists as anew echo of the material plane, but infused with the raw essence of Magic and mischief.

The Eladrin can trace their ancestry back to certain High Elven bloodlines that chose to abandon the material plane and reside permanently within the feywild. Over time, these Elves have become infused with the magic permeate this plane, becoming the subrace known as the Eladrin.

With eyes of solid ethereal colour, and an unnatural grace, the Eladrin appear to the Elves as the Elves must appear to the other races. Both beautiful, yet with an air of other-worldliness, the Eladrin display a feature telling of their homeland within the feywild, be it a frosty chill surrounding thone of the winter court, or the copper hair and sound of crisp leaves as those of the autumn court walk.

The Eladrin belong to one of the four courts, Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, depending upon the nature of the area within the feywild they were born into.

Though there are small settlements of Eladrin, along with other fey races, throughout the feywild, the most notable is the Ivory tower, the grant towered city and home to powerful archfey.

The Eladrin rarely step into the material realm, but those that do most certainly have some purpose behind their presence.


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