The Dwarves of Jokaryn hail from the Rivenlands, a cracked and barren desert filled with great canyons and greater rifts into the underdark. Here, the dwarves have built a society with the Gnomes, based on artifice, the art of imbuing inanimate objects with a life and energy of their own. This branch of arcane magic was discovered by the Dwarves within the Rivenlands in ancient times and they have since sought to master it’s ways, melding magic and technology in ways that truly inspire. The latest discovery of this art is the Warforged, truly sentient beings of artifce. As such the Dwarves are held in high regard by all, but some would see them destroyed for meddling in powers beyond their understanding.

The Dwarves of Jokaryn are more magically inclined than Dwarves of other lands, but just as hardy. In addition to the Hill and Mountain Dwarves found in the players handbook, you may also choose to play a Rivenland Dwarf.

Rivenland Dwarf
Born in the Rivenlands and immersed in the culture of artifice, Rivenland Dwarves are hardy but more magically inclined than their mountain and hill bretheren and have an inherent knowledge of arcane devices

Mechanistic Intuition
A rivenland Dwarf has an innate sense of how things work mechanically and magically when it comes to mechanisms and constructs. Whenever you make an Arcana (Int) check related to a device or construct, you are considered proficient even if you do not normally have proficiency in arcana. If you already have proficiency in Arcana, you are considered to have expertise on checks related to mechanical and magical devices.

Ability Score Increase
Your intelligence Score increases by 1.

You’ve been raised amongst arcane devices and imbued items, many of which have not been particularly stable. As such you have advantage on Constitution saving throws against spells and magical effects.


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