Illys 'Areth

The Veiled Forest hides many secrets, but it is said that the light of the moon itself holds much power there. The truest example of this regards the Elven city Illys ’Areth, which is said to be able to move between the material plane and the Feywild when the list of the moon is at its fullest.

Lore suposes that Illys ’Areth is the last surviving city of a once great Elven Kingdom, all but destroyed along with the Dragonborn empire of Aktovar during the fabled necromancer wars. Perhaps only long since dead Elven sages know the truth of this, but Illys ’Areth stands alone in Jokaryn as the bastion of Elven culture.

Illys ‘Areth is home to both High Elves and Wood Elves, though many wood Elves have since made their homes elsewhere in the forests of the world. Still, both subraces come together in this city, where every generation a King and Queen are chosen from the royal bloodlines of the Nairael Wood Elves and the Alaskar High Elves, signifying the union between the two races. Whilst children are born of the union of these bloodlines, it is said that they are either High Elf or Wood elf dependant on the city’s current planar location.

All Elves of Illys ’Areth are trained in combat, as well as natural or arcane magics from a young age, but those of the bloodlines even more so. Even those who only possess a weak tie to the royal bloodlines are schooled intensively in Elven history and culture due to tradition dating back millenia. These sons and daughters of Illys ’Areth often serve the city in the wider world, or rise to positions of power or influence within the city.

Illys 'Areth

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