The Apparatus of Jokaryn

From the Hallowed Ritual

Escape from the Rift

What’s this journal I’ve found? who does it belong to? Why are there so many blank pages?

As Arthur would say (with slightly more crass words) these questions are meaningless. I will take this journal and keep filling it in with my own findings. If this journal I nicked was a medical diary to recall important information then I am sorry for your inevitable demise.

Now to work:

The rift has finally been destroyed!

Huzzah! my long patience has been rewarded. I found a party to get me to the rift and close it and with their help we sealed it for good. This wasn’t without any aftermath.

Wrath of the Dragon

From the end of the ritual, it started with a roar in the sky and a brass mechanical dragon descended from the clouds. With it’s foul breath it hurt us bad and with the light of day it fled. But I don’t think it is because of us.

Growing Rift

At first we believed that we had failed in our efforts, the rift was expanding. The darkness was eating everything in it’s path, so with my great intelligence, I ran…

Up the Cliff

Soon the party followed, but they were not in tact. Baraquit was in a bad state. Guts and the party soon helped the team up, but not without sacrifice. We made it up.
But then there was a sound, distance at first, then grew to a thunder, and then… nothing.

Imploding Shadows

The foul darkness was no more, with a great eruption the tear in reality had reached a critical mass before everything in it’s reach was absorbed by the evil. To put it in terms you would understand we put a lock on the great toilet cubicle to another dimension and glued it shut. However I am not sure the rift quite liked my definition as it attempted to tear my body into putty. As the mists settled It felt like a miracle that I survived, but to my horror the damage soon became too clear.

Hole to the Underdark

From the lands touched by the rift lay nothing but a giant hole. A massive gap a mile wide and a mile deep leading deep into the caverns of the underdark. Everything else that was once where that hole lay is gone. The apparatus, the Seekers Hub, Albreck, all gone, but to where we do not know. If anything comes out of that hole now, that would be something that we regret. We need to get out of here.

For now we will rest, and reflect on our experiences. We have done something not many on this world will dare to attempt and for that we are all a LEVEL HIGHER than we were before. With this new found knowledge comes a responsibility to continue our work. We must put a stop to this darkness for good.

If only we could get off this holy ring of an island.

Written by Asmund the Abjurer



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