The Apparatus of Jokaryn

The Daring Adventure of Sitting and Waiting

Leaving The Island

Before I begin, I just need to get it out of my system


Don’t worry I will get to that later. But now it is time to update this journal and luckily Arthur is dead so I won’t have that flying rat pestering me again.

Firstly, the rift was exhausting and tiring and after hefty discussion, it was agreed that the best plan of escape was to wait for the shift to return. As soon as we contact him, with magic.

As we waited the party began their magical scrying of the island to find out what was left. As discovered by the giant hole we left, the magics confirmed that nothing was left, including the presence of the shadow fell. Nothing was left on this plain of existence but perhaps they moved to another. An ally of the party, Albreak was thought to have died in the implosion but by a miracle we found him, or more appropriately Euron heard him, but we don’t know where. He seems fine, for an angry dwarf, but I fear not for long.

This is when the party began to open up more to me, and I felt it was only fair to reciprocate. I told them my story, an Elf from a long family line, destined for a fate of guarding an old apparatus of Illsoi, waiting for the Seekers of Asure to return. Then I shared with them my dreams of helping this world instead of waiting to die. I want to help bring balance to this world, use the apparatus to bring a cosmic peace and so I studied the arcane arts for 100 years. When I returned to the apparatus a discovered that I had failed. My Family were dead… My greatest failure.

Soon the ship had arrived and we had to get on it quick, the only problem was, the army of the undead between us and the ship. A difficult plan to construct but in the end we went for the most simple and obvious plan. Charge directly into them in a siege cottage. The chaos was beautiful and my battle house was a wondrous sight to behold as we made our escape and fled.

We made it on the ship, and now we are journeying to the island from whence my new friends came. However I have been warned of this islands barbaric culture and their hatred of the arcane. This is where the bollocks comes in. I mean the whole world connected to the arcane and is as much a way of life as breathing. To ban and fear those who freely wield magic is to refuse to build a dam on a flood plain, soon only misery will consume those you care for. I can not stand for any more repression of what I believe in.

This boats crew seems to fear the arcane, we will need to put this Rasult down soon before his actions cause more repression.



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